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She Reigns are proud to be the publishers of Jernine Russell’s second book; The Naked Truth About Marriage.

Many of us know how to get married but do we know what it takes to stay married?

Whether man or woman, single, dating, married, separated or divorced, you will find this book to be a candid but compassionate exploration of the naked truths of marriage.


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Jernine is experienced and skilled in facilitating change in individuals, she has been delivering one to one sessions for the past 15 years.  She provides intervention that is holistic, therapeutic and delivers outcomes to improve lives and break cycles. Challenging, developing and equipping individuals with the skills to make life changing decisions and implement change in their lives to create transformation.

'Jernine has given me support and confidence to believe in myself in starting my new business' - LJ.
'Before I met Jernine, I was on a destructive path. She encouraged and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. She has helped me piece my life back together. I could not have done this transformation without her' - UR
'Jernine was easy to talk to and helped me feel completely at ease. She was non-judgemental and caring. I looked forward to my session every week' - GA.

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She Reigns is a creative organisation that works to promote self-identity by empowering, uplifting and motivating people through self-development, affirmations and building self-esteem. This is done through delivering events, workshops and one to one work through coaching and mentoring.
She Reigns have been hosting events and delivering workshops and programmes over the past couple of years. The subjects vary from positive affirmation, vision boards and visualisation, self-esteem and relationships, to finance to self-care and self-love, collectively developing awareness about the issues people face.
She Reigns are available to book to facilitate workshops and programmes at your school, organisation or institute.

Have a look at a clip of She Reigns ‘I am Love’ Event – April 2019 on YouTube.

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She Reigns Affirmation Cards

Choose from 30 cards which have different ‘I am’ statements such as ‘I am strong’, ‘I am courageous’.

An affirmation is a declaration, a positive statement that you repeat to yourself.  The consistent repetition of daily positive affirmation helps reshape your beliefs and assumptions about yourself.

Perfect to use with children, young people or anyone who needs encouraging or reminding of how amazing they are!

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The Naked Truth About Having a Baby



The Naked Truth About Marriage

She Reigns Products

About The Founder

She Reigns was founded by Jernine Russell in 2017,  a passionate, driven and community focused individual who is enthusiastic about facilitating positive change.  She is a published author and mother of three. She uses her own experiences as a woman, mother and professional and the challenges and obstacles she has overcome to inspire others.  She is an inspiring leader using motivational skills to develop and bring out the best in others.

Jernine’s experience of working within the Criminal Justice System for over 15 years has equipped her with a skill set that is vast and diverse as she has worked with young people, their families as well as adults in various capacities providing intervention that is holistic, therapeutic and delivers outcomes to improve lives, builds safer communities and breaks the cycle of re-offending.  Challenging, developing and equipping individuals with the skills to make life-changing decisions and implement change in their lives.

Jernine is a motivational speaker, transformational coach and event host and is available for speaking events, conferences.

Speaking Engagements

Jernine uses her voice to empower, enrich, encourage and edify others.  She shares her heartfelt journey of success candidly and with compassion to inspire and motivate others.

Jernine is available to speak at various events in schools, churches, prisons and many others.

Contact Jernine Russell

Telephone: 07432 155 217