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The Naked Truth About Having A Baby is a new book which depicts a heartfelt, personal account of a young woman’s emotional roller coaster journey into motherhood.

It’s often said that having a baby should come with a manual, but this isn’t one of those. Instead, the author gives an honest and open account of some of the pivotal stages of the transition into motherhood. She delves into the feelings and emotions that all new mothers go through, but rarely, truly speak of. From pregnancy to bringing baby home, to baby weight, to childcare, she tackles it all, candidly but with compassion.

Things that You will Learn from the Book

This book is a voice to all mothers – past, present and future – validating their experiences and reminding them they are never alone on this ride into motherhood.

'I was unprepared for my first journey into motherhood and my experience inspired me to share my perspective so that you could be better prepared'.

'For those of you already on your way and feeling a little lost, I wanted you to know that you are not alone'.

'Despite the fact that there are hundreds of books written about pregnancy and becoming a parent, almost none of them tell you the raw naked truth about what it really means to have a baby'.

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Follow the author’s video diary of the journey through to publishing on YouTube.

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The Naked Truth About Having a Baby Book will be available to purchase from Amazon, New Beacon Books and other good book shops in November 2017. Exclusive signed copies of the book will be available at the book launch on Sunday 22nd October 2017.

About The Author.

Jernine is a mother of three and on a journey of re-discovering herself. She has spent the past 15 years working with disadvantaged and disenfranchised young people as a youth worker, then with both young and adult offenders as a probation officer. After a tough transition into motherhood in 2007, she felt compelled to share her thoughts and feelings with other first time mothers using one of her many skills: writing.

Fear, self-doubt and more babies meant that it took her 10 years to complete her first book. Despite the arduous task of juggling motherhood, a husband and a challenging job, she persevered to get it to publication, and along the way founded the company She Reigns. She Reigns’ core values are to empower, uplift and encourage others to reach their potential and realise their dreams.

A Message from the Author

It has been laid on my heart to write about and share my experience of becoming a mother. With this book I wanted to offer just that – a real perspective on what it means to have a child. I wanted to give an honest and open account of one of the most wonderful life changing experiences you will ever have, and perhaps help you prepare for what is a lifelong journey. Perhaps it may lead you to delay having a child; whichever way, I wanted it to contribute positively towards making a right decision for you.

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